Mr. M. Srinivas Rao is an well-known Gemologist who excels in Gems and Diamond grading. He is a top-notch gem professional with over 20 years of experience gained from IDI Surat, IGI Diamond Grader. The gemologist belongs to Kolluru near Piduguralla, Guntur Dist., AP. Inspired by the Kolluru Diamond mines; he started his career into the field of gemology. He also possesses the experience of working on rough gems carving them into fantastic wearable polished gems.

In addition that, he has proven to be an excellent researcher for suggesting the appropriate gems to the clients. Majority of his clients are from a very high profile which includes industrialists, celebrities and also common people who are benefitted by his suggestions and the mystic power of gems. This has bagged him enormous success and great fame of being a prominent gemologist in this field.

Kolluru - the place of utmost prominence:
Kolluru is the most famous place for Diamond mines. People who have ever heard of 'Koh-i-noor’ do not require any introduction to this mighty place. A small village in the Guntur Dist. has become World famous for its mines.


Emerald Diamond Pearl
Y-Sapphire Ruby Red Coral
Cat's Eye B-Sapphire Hessonite
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