About Us

'Customer is God’, we strongly believe this word. We will try our level best to provide quality gems & gem testing facility to our customers. Our best practices include professional standard 'Gems Testing Lab' with sophisticated technology devices of the professional. Our professionals are highly experienced and trained in bringing out the best of available gems.

We do a wholesaling and retailing as we purchase gems direct sources from mines of Srilanka, Bangkok and Hong Kong. So we offer the stones at the competitive prices. Gems purchased from us can meet Lab Certification of 'International Standards’ at any corner of the World.

For the convenience of our regular as well as new customers, we have opened up our Diamond jewelry manufacturing window. This wing offers both exotic and authentic designs that will add colors to your celebrations. As well as we have provide 'Door Delivery Service' by hand or through courier also.


Emerald Diamond Pearl
Y-Sapphire Ruby Red Coral
Cat's Eye B-Sapphire Hessonite

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